Find My Friends: Android App To Track Your Friends, Kids Location

Nobody dislikes spying device, do you? During childhood everyone loves to collect some 007 gadgets. Later on, it remains unused and goes to attic. Nowadays, there are a lot of advanced devices available which can track anything from anywhere (Sorry, I’m not speaking about any spy devices used by NSA) It’s all about an Android app which can track your friend location. Are you ready to explore friend locator app? [Read more...]

How To Disable Photo-Tagging Feature On Twitter?

You might have notified and experienced about Twitter’s new photo tagging feature, which was recently updated to Twitter’s Android & iOS app. If you we’re waiting for this feature for a long time, you can have it. There are tweeple, who feels these features might cause some privacy issues, if you feel so, get rid of these new photo tagging feature by performing the procedures below, [Read more...]

BBM Updated With New BBM Shop For Stickers, Larger File Attachment, Sharing Photos In Group Chat

BlackBerry steps into its 5th year, the well known product of BlackBerry’s BBM makes its user count grow steady in an inclined way within a short period of time. To make it more appealable to all smartphone users, BlackBerry keeps updating its features in a regular basis. And now on the day of Blackberry’s fifth anniversary, they released a new version of BBM, with improved features. Are you ready to explore the new version of BBM? [Read more...]

“My Play Activity” Option Arrives To Google’s Web Play Store

After a busy April fool’s day, Google tweaks some changes in Google Play Store. Sure, you might have enjoyed & fooled by Google yesterday and this is not such kind of April fools jokes by Google. You might have notified few changes made on Google Play store app like addition of my play activity page, edit button to edit reviews, improved in-app purchase method, recommendations and more. [Read more...]

Google Introduces Gmail Shelfie, Can Be April Fool’s Day Prank.

BEWARE: This can be Google’s prank for April fool’s day.

Gmail turns 10 today. Google team would like to surprise its Gmail users by gifting each other with a surprise feature to show their gratitude towards everlasting support. You might have found the surprising feature by signing in to your Gmail account today. Have you found the update called “Shelfies”? What’s shelfies, let’s explore something about it. [Read more...]

Twitter Rolls Out Photo Tagging Feature To Its Android & iOS App

Twitter celebrated its 8th birthday on March 21, and introduced a new tool to its tweeple called #FirstTweet. Today, Twitter announced two new mobile features to its Android & iOS app, and Twitter believes that these new features would make photos on Twitter more social. The two new mobile features are photo tagging and ability to add four photos in a tweet. Are you ready to explore more about these features? [Read more...]