Google Camera App Available On Play Store

Google’s first ever dedicated camera app is now available on play store. We were already amused of Google’s photo editing tools on Google+, but we forget to use it all the time. And now its time to use full fledged Google camera with great features, that you don’t want to miss. Also find out whats new on Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop app. Are you ready to explore more about Google camera app? [Read more...]

7 Best New Android Games You Shouldn’t Miss This Week

Are you ready to explore new games for this week? Last week was action packed week with full of action games, this week games will activate few nerves in your brain. You can make your brain more active and attentive using the games listed below. This weeks best new android games are zombie age 2, mr flap, think, 2048 puzzle game, carx drift racing, doodle basketball, 2vars. [Read more...]

Twitter Acquires Cover, A Smart Acquisition

Cover team helps us to find the right apps at the right time. And now the team finds the right place to join at the right time. Yes, Twitter acquires Cover. Cover app was launched in October, due to its unequaled features it gains quick users and make’s users lives easier. Now, it shelters at the nest of blue bird. Lets wait & feel, what kind of changes the acquisition would bring us? [Read more...]

7 Best New Android Apps You Shouldn’t Miss This Week

This week is gonna be a productivity week with your Android phone. Since we got lots of productivity apps for you this week, with awesome unique features. Happy Productivity week! Are you ready to explore this weeks best new Android apps? Sure, You will be ready. Before that, here’s the app list of this week Today calendar beta, Calco, Timehop, Sidewalk Buddy, Pushover, A better camera and dialapp. [Read more...]