Type Machine: A Must-Have Android App To Save Everything You Type In Every App


We have a common problem with our Android Smartphones, “App Crash.” You’re lucky if you didn’t come across the term “App Crash,” and the people one who face it are still searching for the methods to solve. All App Crash won’t have a happy ending, sometime you may be typing a long apology message, a reply e-mail to your client, an article, what would you do, if the application crashes while typing? We can’t press Ctrl+Z to restore it, and we won’t get the exact content by typing it for the second time. Is there any possibilities to get the exact content what you typed in before app crash? Sure, you can get the exact content. Just continue reading this notification to learn about it.

Type Machine, An Android app to make you feel light-hearted when your app crashes. Type Machine is a must-have productivity app, which saves everything we type in every app, and you can open the app at any time to access the old entries saved to the app without any crashes. Sometimes it makes you feel like getting the CTRL+Z button on your Smartphone. It’s compatible with any apps installed on your phone, and you can get any file info by using filter options.



Type Machine mentioned few features about it,

  • Completely automatic and seamless.
  • Stays out of the way until you need it.
  • Safe and private.
  • Configurable blacklist for apps.
  • Tablet-friendly user interface.

As said earlier, Type Machine would make you feel like CTRL+Z button added to your phone. If you would like to add something to this notification, please share it with us in the comment section.

Note: App developer mentioned few possibility issues in Samsung phones, please click here to read about those issues.

Here’s the link to download Type Machine from Play Store.


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