Block Mouse-Click Popups In Firefox

Do mouseclick pop-ups make you annoyed while browsing? Now its made possible that you will not get any pop-ups while using firefox. Just follow the steps given below Disabling pop-ups in Firefox Type or copy & paste about:config in the browser’s address bar and hit the enter key. First time users need to confirm that […]

Create And Publish Your Own E-book

Having an idea of spreading your thoughts to others via E-book? But, don’t know how to do create and publish your own book. Here it is make use of Papyrus is a webpage which helps you to create and publish your own E-book with lot of editing option built-in with it. Lets take a look […]

Send Money Via Gmail

Google raises each day with new inclusions to improve its service in a better way to all. Recently, Google Product Manager Travis Green wrote in a blog post which features about new product which allows the user to send money to another person using gmail. In order to send money via Gmail, you should integrate […]

Remove Image Background Easily

Clipping Magic allows you to remove image background easily without the use of external application and skills to perform. Only thing needed is to visit clipping magic webpage, upload the image and apply filters to it. It will automatically performs its operation without any long steps to follow using video to do it. To use […]

“Soundcloud Storm” Download Now In Soundcloud

SoundCloud Storm is a Chrome extension that provides us to download songs from SoundCloud.  Soundcloud Storm extension will embeds itself in SoundCloud’s interface. It provides a single click option to start the download and ensures the file is saved with the same file name. Once installed, reload SoundCloud in your browser and open any sound […]