Find Who Unfriended You On Facebook


According to Wikipedia there are 1.19 billion(Sep. 2013) users in Facebook, each day/week we get a friend request from others some time we may also give friend request to others. When we give or receive a friend request we receive a notification in our timeline, but when someone unfriended us we may not get any notification from Facebook or from the friend who unfriended us. Thus, we may not know who unfriend us, and friends count in our Facebook account will be going down. We got a cure to find out who unfriend us in Facebook using an extension in Google Chrome.

Unfriend Notify for Facebook is a social & communication extension for Google Chrome, by using it you can find out who unfriended you in Facebook. It is just an elegant plugin which doesn’t involve too much process to check who unfriended. You don’t need to create a separate account to find who unfriends you. Just download and instal the extension to your Chrome browser.

  • After installing the extension to your browser, log in to your Facebook account using URL
  • Go to your timeline by clicking on your name at top left corner just below the Facebook search box.
  • Click on the Friends tab in your Timeline options.

  • Now you can find a new option called Lost Friends in it.

  • If the value within the bracket is zero then you have not lost any friends. If there is a value in it then you might have lost some friends, you can check those lost friends by clicking on it.

That’s it. Now, you can find who unfriends you in Facebook using Unfriend Notify.

Here’s the link to download Unfriend Notify for Facebook.

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