Have You Got The New Google Search Page?


Recently Google celebrates its 15th birthday with a pinata doodle, and this week is gonna be a Google week as we are getting lots of update for Google and its services periodically. Recently received an update for YouTube mobile app and the update will allow us to watch videos without the internet connection. Now, Google unofficially brings out new logo, navigation bar merged within an app launcher and lot more to be announced within this week.

Here’s the old search page,

And the new modified Google search page,

Can you find the difference from the old search page and the new page? If you can’t find it, here’s the closer look at the updates made.

Lets take a look at the change over made in Google’s logo,

And the new logo gets flatten and some what lighter color which looks more appealing compared to old one. And its not like the change over made in Yahoo logo ;) .

Here’s the new Google logo,



Next change made in search page is the navigation bar where in old one Google products and services arranged horizontally, and now services have been merged into an app launcher.

Here’s the screenshot of the old and new navigation bar,

And the new app launcher,


Google has been working on its new look since Feb. and its being rolling out to all Googler’s from this week. Sure the change over looks cool and better than the old one according to my view and what’s your opinion about the new Google design?

newglAbout The Brand:

official site : http://www.google.com

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