Now Use GIF in Facebook

Update! Update! Update!  Facebook comes out with a new update to 835,525,280(stats for the year 2011-2012) Facebook users and its the next big update after stickers update in Facebook. GIF in Facebook was supported already in early days, it was stopped supporting because “they didn’t want to look like a MySpace mess with all the blinking […]

Find Your Lost Phone Using Google

As said earlier, Google can do more than expectationsand it gives out more than you search for. Do you know? Google can find your lost mobile too. You may come across lots of free and paid tracking devices to find your lost phone, it may work or may not but this is one just mere […]

Nokia Mocks Apple & Samsung In New Ad Video

There is no win without a fight. Apple is “Most Valuable Company” for past two years, and one of my dream brand, will buy all gadgets integrated to Apple in future . Overall Apple would be the only competitors for all mobile brands, as they would like to take over Apple’s position. As its a […]

Easy Way To Get Rid Of Scam Sites

The word “scam” had spread out wide in Internet. You may end up with a scam site while Googling, via email, referral and by many possible ways. By chance you can get rid of scam sites, but what happens when you get through it. Its about my experience where I had ended up with a […]

Use Your Smartphone Phone As A Scanner

You cant carry a scanner to all places easily, or you cant get it when you are in need, by having a smartphone can stabilize it by trimming your work load and carry the load if you carry your scanner with you ;). By mentioning smartphone I doesn’t meant that you should capture the photo […]

Do Magics In Youtube

YouTube is a far-flung video-sharing site, as you know it’s one another arm of Google with uncountable videos. With YouTube you can execute various features other than downloading and sharing of videos, there are lot more efficient work can be done with it to make YouTubing simple and elegant. Here are some known and unknown […]

Download Subtitles Automatically

Are you a movie addict? Do you collect your favorite movies in external hard disk? Frankly, Yes I’m a movie addict and my hard disk is overloaded with my favorite movies. On the other end collecting movies isn’t a matter getting exactly synchronized subtitle matters a lot for me. Sometimes time taken to find exact […]

Use Your Internet Browser Tab As A Notebook

Have you ever got struck with both internet browser and notepad by just switching over each while collecting some information from the internet. Now, you can use your internet browser as a notebook by using a simple code. Just copy and paste the code into your address bar data:text/html, After executing the code, […]