Gmail Allows You To email Google+ Users Directly

The world’s No.1 website Google is working hard to gives its users a better and unique experience than other websites available in the internet. As we get regular updates from Google every month without a miss, this month we got an update for Gmail. Last update made in Gmail was about automatically displaying images in […]

Benchmark Your Hard Drives Performance Using DiskMark

We will be benchmarking our Android smartphones to know the performance details of the phone. There are apps like AnTuTu benchmark, Quadrant standard edition, Nenamark2, CPU benchmark, RD 3D benchmark and more to benchmark our smartphones. Each apps has its own functions to benchmark performances of CPU, GPU, I/O, Memory devices and more. Have you […]

Download Facebook Videos

Mostly in Facebook we share only YouTube videos, and we know how to download YouTube videos. When it comes to Facebook videos which is uploaded to Facebook, how will you download. If you use Internet Download Manager you can easily download those Facebook videos, not only using IDM there are few alternatives to download Facebook […]